Whatever Mike Rinder touches it turns into a disaster

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Mike Rinder was living in Denver, CO, working as a salesman at a Toyota dealership. He had a girlfriend, Teresa, who was running a business there while raising her boys. Rinder no longer had any family who would talk to him. Rinder was not making a lot of money due to the collapse of the car industry but he and Teresa thought about getting married. At one point Rinder and Teresa were even living together but it didn’t work out. Mike had younger things on his mind.

Teresa was not happy at all with the phone calls and visits by Marty Rathbun at first. She didn’t think all that much of Rathbun, and because he was arrogant and seemed to be just pushing Rinder into something that would benefit himself. Rinder had a love / hate relationship with Rathbun. He hated him but also tried to emulate him. Rathbun finally struck a deal with Mike Rinder to cooperate with the St. Petersburg Times. But before he would do so, Marty and the BBC flew into Denver sometime around August 2010 and convinced Mike to first be interviewed for a revenge show for John Sweeney.

The economy had all but ruined the automobile industry and Mike Rinder realized that he would have a real tough time getting anywhere long term trying to sell cars. Marty and Christie Collbran, helped arrange a job for Mike with Matt Argall in Clearwater.

Matt Argall has quite a history. Argall is one of the owners of Impulse Marketing, a telemarketing call center that was selling everything from acai berry products to money making schemes using the Internet. Argall had gotten involved with Marty Rathbun soon after Rathbun announced on the Internet that he was open for business. Matt was one of the first people to go out to Texas to visit Rathbun and he promised to support Rathbun’s cause. So it was natural that he would put Mike Rinder on his payroll, to do his part for Rathbun to keep Rinder on the farm. Rinder cut a lucrative deal with Matt Argall which paid him between $20,000 and $30,000 per month. The idea was that Rinder, with all his big executive experience would help Matt boost sales at Impulse Marketing which, unbeknown to Rinder, was having serious cash flow and client account problems. But this was going to be a huge jump in income for Rinder, so h he was enticed to pack up everything in Denver and move to Clearwater. As soon as Rinder signed up with Argall, Matt took him on an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas to party with Matt and some of his drug taking friends. Work could wait.

Mike Rinder’s baby girlfriend, Christie Collbran, told me a little about the auditing that she had received in Texas from Marty Rathbun and the situation with Chris, her husband. She talked about how good things were, things in general, but at home things really began to unravel soon after her first visit to Texas. Talk to anyone that knew them and you’ll hear that Chris Collbran had always been a bit of an inconsiderate asshole and Christie was always trying in one way or another to get him to get his ethics in. It seemed as though the auditing with Rathbun was going to help out on her marriage, but in the end it was the beginning of the end. Chris got more and more involved in doing drugs and having extramarital affairs (once again). One of them was Ashley, who had been working for Matt Argall and was part of his circle of party hard friends. Argall thinks nothing of whoring around in Las Vegas and other locales with strippers and so on, even though he has a son and a wife.

So Christie Collbran finally had enough of Chris Collbran and decided to leave him. People don’t know this but Christie got married really young – the first time when she was 16. It didn’t last a year. Then she got married to Chris when she was 21. They had a son. Right after deciding to end it with Chris, Christie didn’t wait long, she moved straight in with Mike Rinder, who frankly is more than old enough to be her father.

Around the same time that arrangements were being made for Mike Rinder’s job with Matt Argall.  It didn’t last long.  Mike Rinder had quit his job and closed out his apartment in Denver and completely relocated to Clearwater, FL. Just when Rinder rented a big house together with Haydn James and were settling in, Matt’s house of cards at Impulse began to implode.


Mike Rinder exposed

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To reduce any mystery that may be around about Mike Rinder, the following are the facts:


Chairman of the Board RTC removed Mike Rinder from his position over external affairs for the Church in 2002 for legal malfeasance and incompetence.

Rinder subsequently handled spokesperson duties and supported other staff on external matters. His dishonesty with the media and other violations of HCO PLs eventually led to his being replaced as a Church spokesman.

In handling legal affairs for the Church, Mike Rinder operated in the same dishonest and slipshod manner as he did on public relations lines.

Mike Rinder eventually deserted the Sea Org and Scientology in 2007.


One of the most serious criminal acts by Mike Rinder was not known until January 2007, when a Church staff member who had worked in legal affairs reported a suspicion he had. What he suspected was that Marty Rathbun had conspired with Mike Rinder in 1995 to keep from David Miscavige certain information regarding one of the most contentious legal cases in the Church’s history. When confronted with this report, Mike Rinder admitted that he and Rathbun had indeed conspired to withhold the fact of subornation of perjury (tampering with witnesses) and that the person they most intended to keep this information from was David Miscavige – this is despite the fact that Miscavige had repeatedly demanded that Rathbun and Rinder get to the bottom of why certain witnesses had initially lied to authorities. By the time that this crime was exposed (January 2007), Mark Rathbun had already been gone three years.

It wasn’t until a slip Rathbun made to the press in June 2009, however, that David Miscavige and other Church executives learned that Rathbun had not only seen to the destruction of evidence but had suborned perjury (tampering with witnesses).


In 2003, Rathbun exposed yet another conspiracy he and Rinder were involved in, he wrote, “Left to my own devices in handling IRS litigation, the end result would undoubtedly have been no exemption, a billion dollar tax bill, and possible shutting down of the Church. I have developed a slick false PR technique of positioning myself as having been integral in handling threats during and after the fact, when they are actually terminatedly handled by COB. There is no conspiracy connected with this pattern of suppression, except a portion of it.

That is Mike Rinder who has gone into tacit agreement with me on making nothing of situations, false reporting on them, and allowing them to expand until they explode on COB’s plate to handle….” The Church received religious recognition in October 1993. At that time, David Miscavige announced “the War is Over!” It wasn’t just with the IRS; it was with all legal cases. COB RTC had ordered the end of any and all litigation that the Church was involved in. Rathbun was upset with this announcement as per him; it went against his grain as a warrior. Not weeks later, he deserted his post, his wife and the Sea Org.

A review of his performance, on known data at that time, revealed the actual reason for his departure was withholding vital information from David Miscavige on legal matters that had spiraled out of control. However, to what degree and magnitude that had occurred was not determined at that time. Rathbun later made known that he, in collusion with Mike Rinder, had a proclivity for starting and exacerbating legal wars and then dumping them on COB RTC to handle.


For 26 years, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder worked side by side. These were the two individuals who oversaw the external affairs operations of the Church in legal and dealing with the media. The amount of legal and media wars and attacks during their tenure was the most in Scientology history.

Whenever they were gotten off the lines or bypassed, the wars quieted down. When they went back on the lines, the wars flared up again. This is a documented fact and even Rathbun and Rinder themselves stated that they both had a “proclivity” for creating the worst legal and PR catastrophes in the history of the Church, and that they exacerbated and prolonged the legal fights because that was they only thing they knew how to do. They have admitted to these facts. They have even gone so far as to reveal that there was a conspiracy between them.

As Rathbun wrote: “I have a proven proclivity for creating some of the greatest catastrophes in Church history when allowed to have some leash.” “By calculation I have lost the Church …. on losses and expenses that could have been avoided…There is no conspiracy connected with this pattern of suppression, except a portion of it. That is Mike Rinder who has gone into tacit agreement with me on making nothing of situations, false reporting on them, and allowing them to expand until they explode on COB’s plate to handle….” –

Marty Rathbun as Mike Rinder wrote: “By perpetuating these operations internally and externally, the worst suppression has been visited upon COB RTC. It is the worst suppression because COB RTC is the person who has single-handedly salvaged Scientology from potential external ruin, and single-handedly salvaged Scientology itself by holding the line technically, administratively, and on dissemination. Had he not been here and done what he has, Scientology would have been lost. There is no slightest doubt about that.” “This operating basis created catastrophes, situations that have actually kept COB off his post handling disasters [I created] for years on end… I wanted COB to be involved in external flaps.” – Mike Rinder

Yes, they wanted COB RTC involved in their external flaps, disasters and catastrophes. Yes, they knew he would bypass them and handle the matter. But why? Though a lot has been coming to light regarding their nefarious activities and criminal behavior, one has to ask the age-old question—what was their motive?

Mike Rinder’s wrote, “[I would] create a disaster, let it brew, then fling it to the top [to COB RTC] at the last minute.”

Those are the facts.


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Mike Rinder’s true colors

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John Sweeney did a royal job of bashing LRH  and OT 3 for five minutes straight.  It was above and beyond the normal hatchet job.  His intentions in this segment are very clear – utterly ridicule LRH and our beliefs out of existence.  His target in this show was LRH and Scientology.

Then you have a couple dupes “putting Sweeney on the meter.”  I recall Mike Rinder  and Marty Rathbun were sort of bragging ahead of time on what a great job they did auditing Sweeney.  I’m wondering if they’re so delusional they think they’re winning him over and impressing him with the tenets of Scientology, the couple of PR “pros” that they think they are.  It’s obvious that Sweeney was playing them like a couple of buffoons.  And the Marty people all think he’s a charming wonderful guy. (!!)  Rinder and Rathbun think they’re evening the score with COB while they elicit an attack on LRH and the tech and are too dumb to smell the coffee.

Rinder knows that Rathbun can’t deliver “NOTS” and “make clears” while Marty Rathbun’s warm and fuzzy with the guy who just did his best to debunk the whole subject.

Marty Rathbun posted the unvetted version on his blog for all his goons to read.

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I have had a totally criminal moral code and operated with a totally criminal mind attitude that I have not fully confronted (even down to lying about lying and doing illegal things).”

“Telling the truth was in my universe no different than telling a lie.”—Mike Rinder

Mike Rinder is a fascinating study of a being in the 1.1 band of the Chart of Human Evaluation.

To those who knew him, he was slick with his tongue and a compulsive liar to boot. He taught quite a few of us a very hard lesson—believe in the Chart of Human Evaluation.

As LRH once pointed out:

“I, by the way, I’ve gotten in trouble twice with this chart, just twice. Each time, I didn’t believe it myself and I said, ‘Well, although this chart by derivation and past experience with preclears indicates that the person with whom I am dealing here would stab a kitten in the back, I don’t believe the chart and I will treat this person as an honest human being.’

“Everything following through is because I did not evaluate the human beings involved according to my own chart! I taught myself a lesson! I’m never going to jump this chart again or throw it aside.”—LRH, Lecture 21 May 51, Theta-MEST Theory


Mike Rinder has been peddling his song and dance, not just to the press, but to some business people who took him in and he graciously took them down and out.

Per some of the executives involved, he portrayed himself as some big marketing guru which they accepted and down went the business real fast—gone and wiped out.

What did these business people observe—he lazy, aloof, condensing and he lies.

And he’s still peddling himself. Now he’s prostituting his rumors and slick “inside” dope to any media who will listen to him.

It seems that he has a streak going with those he associates with—St. Pete Times. Their repute and viability is crashing like a Saint Moritz death slide.  AC360 whose ratings have dived bombed after Rinder and his cohorts connected up with them.

Who’s next?


Here’s a lesson for you:

“When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. You can put that down. One way or the other, this individual is trying to control you. That’s a mechanism of control. The individual is lying to you, so they’re trying to control you. Because if they give you enough misinformation they’ll throw you far enough down the Tone Scale so they can control you.

“Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. Not is just going to—is lying to you. Check up the facts, you’ll find out they’re always true. That person is trying to control you, he’s lying to you. He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody anything close in to truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So you can’t control somebody without telling them a bunch of fibs.”—LRH, Lecture 25 Jun 52, Overt Acts, Motivators And DEDs

Mike Rinder: “I have a totally criminal moral code.”

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“Bottom line is that I have had a totally criminal moral code and operated with a totally criminal mind attitude that I have not fully confronted (even down to lying about lying and doing illegal things).”— Mike Rinder


“If you know about people or are supposed to know about people, then these people expect, unreasonably, that you know them through and through.

“Real knowledge to the average person is only this: a knowledge of his or her withholds!  That, horribly enough, is the high tide of knowledge for the man in the street.  If you know his withholds, if you know his crimes and acts, then you are smart.  If you know his future, you are moderately wise.  And so we are persuaded towards mind reading and fortunetelling!

“All wisdom has this trap for those who would be wise.
Egocentric man believes all wisdom is wound up in knowing his misdemeanors.

“IF any wise man represents himself as wise and fails to discover what a person has done, that person goes into an antagonism or other misemotion toward the wise man.  So they hang those who restimulate and yet who do not find out about their withholds.

“This is an incredible piece of craziness.  But it is observably true.

“This is the WILD ANIMAL REACTION that makes man a cousin to the beasts.

“… Use this as a stable datum: If the person is upset, somebody failed to find out what that person was sure they would find out.”



“With all the justifications I have had in place, telling the truth under certain circumstances was in my universe no different than telling a lie or withholding.”  – Mike Rinder


Mike Rinder has some big missed withholds that he doesn’t want anyone to find out about! Especially you.

Mike Rinder: I lie about lying

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Latest report from an independent:

This Mike Rinder guy is really spinning reality and a tale. I can’t keep track of his lies as he keeps changing his story and strategy.

His bottom line, per him, is “that I have had a totally criminal moral code and operated with a totally criminal mind attitude that I have not fully confronted (even down to lying about lying and doing illegal things).”—Mike Rinder

He’s not only a professed and compulsive liar, he’s lying about being a professed and compulsive liar—“With all the justifications I have had in place, telling the truth… was in my universe no different than telling a lie.” Mike Rinder

I hear he’s been lying=telling the truth=lying=telling the truth to the BBC and has an exclusive with them. Per associates, he is in bed with that nut case psychotic reporter Sweeney. The word on the grapevine is he made a deal and his cohorts don’t even know what the deal is. Money? Of course, he won’t tell them being a 1.1er. Mike’s out for himself as usual.

It reminds me of William Shenstone (1714-1763,English writer) quote about liars: “A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.”

That’s say it all about Rinder.

I heard he has another girlfriend. They’re getting younger as he dumps them. That’s Rinder—the 1.1 that he is.

Who knows what lies he tells them. But that’s Rinder—the 1.1 that he is.

Moving On Up a Little Higher Until I Hit Rock Bottom – on Mike Rinder

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Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun

April 10, 2010 · 1,000,000,000,0000,000,000,000,000,000 Comments

I been watching the back and forth between Rathbun and my friends and I am getting a little ticked off with Rathbun’s hypocrisy. He says he’s no angel. I agree. He’s a psychopath.
Here’s my take having looked at someone quoting Rathbun’s statements about Rinder in the past. What a weird relationship these two freaks have. Something is kinky between them and it has been going on for a long time.

Marty “Mark” Rathbun has been praising his fellow squirrel, Mike Rinder, in his blogs and commentaries and Mike has been reciprocating the accolades. “A lot of folk have some pretty odd notions about the type of person Mike Rinder really is…I have confessed in a number of public forums to inflicting physical violence upon Mike on two occasions, both during my final days. Having recounted that nightmare on a number of occasions and having had a lot of time to reflect on those twisted times I came to recognize what a quality person Mike Rinder is and always has been….I am glad to count him as a very close friend” wrote Rathbun.

I don’t know who the sycophant is between them but Rathbun also stated the following of his “very close friend” in past times:

“Rinder is getting away with bloody murder on a daily basis. He incessantly goes into low-toned, no solution, apathetic, you-must-order-me-to-be-a-thetan type of dramatization daily… What it really is, is this whole attitude like ‘It’s no big deal’ every time he messes something up…here is Rinder committing crimes and then making his juniors wrong doing his cover-up. Marty Rathbun

“The point is, the stuff is starting to hit the fan externally again and Mike is starting to run routinely his ‘It doesn’t matter’ routine.  If he doesn’t get straightened out with a yank fast, we could have some serious catastrophes coming down the pike shortly.” Marty Rathbun

“Rinder pulled another one of his stunts of acting minus death on the tone scale. These comm cycles are getting extremely enturbulative and effect. The guy is sitting on stuff and we have not gotten to the bottom of it. Rinder has been very missed withholdy, non-originative, defensive and ridgey. This is very disconcerting. [but typical Mike]” Marty Rathbun

“I was blaming Mike Rinder for the flaps and taking no responsibility for my own involvement. I was supposed to be dealing with Rinder and putting his ethics in after he had doped off in an interview with a reporter. I was not handling him and instead was blaming him and toasting him. Marty Rathbun

“Dear Mike,

“The problem with you is that you are arrogant.  Let’s face facts—you come across that way and you communicate that way.

“You communicate and write as if your viewpoint means something special above the viewpoints of all else on planet Earth.

“Frankly, you really do turn me off by your tone and tenor and come across arrogant.

“You won’t convince anybody of anything.

“It is thoroughly unconvincing and sounds like you are simply nattering.”

Marty Ratbum

I guess it’s a love-hate relationship or maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, it’s psychotic.

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